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E-commerce trends in 2015

The world of e-commerce is constantly changing, and with every new year new trends start to crop up. Let us go over some of these predicted trends for this year in more detail so as to prepare ourselves properly and adapt accordingly.
Consumers getting more control:There is no denying that the customer is the king. But this is going to become even more evident as customers are leveraging more control. With more marketing diversity a company will be more sustainable. This will enable firms to remain in business and to make profits. However it is paramount to adapt to this by putting into practice plans that will help the firm acknowledge what customers want. In terms of e-commerce this can be attained by investing in web design that offers a unique user experience. Investing in flexible global supply chains is another way to keep up with this change.

Customers expect a top notch customer care service:
Customer care has always been considered as an important part of e-commerce. As years go by, customers are expecting more. Thus, as a company you need to make sure that you are adapting to this well, and ameliorate on a regular basis so as to keep up with customers’ expectations. Being an online seller you also need to accept the fact that it is as if you have a shop that is open 24/7. Thus your customers will expect that they are catered for on a 24/7 basis. Therefore you need to make sure that you have extended support services, both in terms of efficient customer care as well as for deliveries.

Same-day in-store pick-ups:
Another emerging trend in 2015 is to be able to cater for rapid in-store pick-ups. This is becoming more popular as we go along. Therefore you need to plan accordingly so as to keep pace with consumer demand and their delivery-time preferences.

Exceeding customer expectations:
You need to come to terms with the fact that customers have plenty of choice online. There are so many websites that they can buy from. Yours is just another site out of hundreds or thousands. Therefore you need to exceed their expectations. This can be done by delivering on your promises, offering a great user experience and delivering products on time. You also need to offer more personalization options.

The offline experience:
You need to integrate your online and offline experience so as to perfect the buyer’s experience. Merge the two worlds into one by investing in both of them. This can greatly help you to improve customer satisfaction.

The Return policy:
As we already pointed out customers are becoming increasingly overpowered. Therefore every aspect of their buying experience needs to be seen to. A return policy is one key aspect. Whenever possible offer a return policy so as to increase customers’ confidence and trust in your products.

2015 is all about changing and transforming to keep up with increased customer expectations. Focus on what your customers are expecting and try to plan ahead so as to keep up with these trends and fulfil your customers’ needs.